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Sep 22, 2011 11:00am PDT
. thank you very much. alligator skins, travel masks, human skulls? sounds like a sequel to indiana jones. but no, just a few items up for sale at one of the most electic stores in san francisco. >> bob redel takes us window shopping. >> it's about 2 feet long. >> what was probably the world's largest anaconda ever captured at the time. >> after 15 years of traveling to some of the most far away places in the world. >> nagaland. >> to collect all of this tribal art. >> going into nagaland is not something most people can do. it's a danger zone. >> but you can because you blend in. >> robert has decided to put a final nail in the coffin. >> its a heartbreaker. >> shutting down the dreaming room, his shop in san francisco, all 2,000 pieces, some one-of-a-kind. >> actually, whoops, sorry. >> most now at half price. >> yeah, this is probably $100. >> like these 5,000-year-old bracelets from thailand. >> among the wolde over the bronze work on the entire planet. >> does it come with the wrist? >> here's the pygmy walking stick. >> and this is a bone from a walrus which is the private part of a
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1